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Data Recovery Service for soldered SSD’s on Microsoft Surface Pro, Dell XPS, Acer and MacBooks

Do you have a failed laptop with a soldered SSD and need your Data back? Our top class Data Recovery service is the solution for your problem. Contact one of our Techies today to find out more how we can help you to get your data back from a failed Dell XPS or Surface Pro soldered SSD.

UK’s top Data Recovery Service for BGA Soldered SSD’s on any Brand, Laptop, MacBook or PC.

Many laptop manufactures such as Dell, HP, Acer and Apple use or planning to use soldered SSD’s. This saves space and costs but could be a problem for the lifespan of your device and also the Data Recovery in case of a failed SSD storage. We see SSD failures on some models already within a couple months or heavy wear on the SSD nand chips.

Microsoft Surface Pro soldered SSD Data Recovery Service. Most common soldered Nand chip on those is SKhynix multi-layered 176-layer 512 Gigabit (Gb) Triple-Level Cell (TLC) 4D NAND flash
Dell XPS 2 in 1 Soldered SSD Data Recovery Service. We would find them either with Samsung NAND KUS030202M or Intel JBPT803500CT

More and more modern Laptops use soldered SSD’s instead of user replaceable storage which makes a data Recovery very difficult and complex but we can handle even the most challenging SSD storage cases


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These laptops such as Dell XPS, Apple MacBook or Surface Pro don’t use traditional mechanical hard drives or SSDs but use one special BGA chip soldering on the motherboard. All the data is stored in the BGA chip, including controller and flash data inside. Some examples of such chips can be found below.

In the last couple years soldered solid state drives become more popular as it saves costs for the manufactures and allows for thinner designs. This approach can later become a problem for data recovery attempts as it adds more complexity to a data recovery and can cause further damage to the mainboard. We spend a lot of research and development on chip off SSD data recovery services as we believe this solution will become the industry norm in a couple years. The standard approach with any soldered SSD would that we need to repair the motherboard and get the laptop alive to get lost data or we would need to solder the BGA data chip off the patient motherboard and then solder the BGA chip to one good motherboard to get lost data back.

This is undoubtedly high cost data recovery as we would need a working mainboard as a donor that can cost from £500 onwards just for the parts plus labour and you can look easily at a £3000 – £6000 data recovery job. We found a way to cut this very time-consuming and very costly process down further with a different approach.

Another problem on a modern laptop with a soldered SSD is the encryption. In 95% of case we see either Microsoft Bitlocker encrypted SSD drives or file vault + Apple T2 chip encryption. In either case we would need the full decryption key that can be found on your Microsoft or Apple account.

In any case we should be able to help you and advise further what we can do to get your data back. Feel free to contact us for a quick chant and to find out more about our UK and international soldered SSD Data Recovery Service.

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