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Seagate 250GB Momentus Thin Data Recovery Services. Client opened Seagate Hard Drive

Can data be recovered from a Seagate 250GB Momentus Thin hard drive after the client opened the Seagate hard drive? Let’s find out….

Data RecoverySeagate 250GB Momentus Thin, clicking and buzzing sounds
Client:Large communications company in Northern Ireland, Belfast UK
Issue:Hard drive not recognized , clicking and beeping. Need full data recovery service
Outcome:100% recovered, 2 partitions, NTFS, custom data base
Sold as: Seagate 250GB Momentus Thin, Seagate 320GB Momentus Thin fitted in laptops

Open up a Seagate hard drive without special tools and a clean room is always 99% a death sentence for any Data Recovery. Too much damage can be done by doing a do it yourself data recovery.

We can see the top slider from the Seagate reading head came of and is bent 180 degrees backwards. If you would turn on that Seagate hard drive after such damage , the media damage would be very hard and a data recovery very tricky at best. We also noticed there was a lot of dust on the magnetic media surface that was caused by open up the hard drive and working on it prior to us. Not a good start. We have a wrecked head stack and a contaminated surface. My best advise is on such work, your local computer shop, in house IT department is not able to do such work. This is insane as this drives contains a valuable SQL data base. If your business data is important don’t let an unqualified business or person work on it. They get it wrong 99% of the time.

The Seagate reading heads in the pictures above are very heavy damaged, the top slider is twisted and bent 180 degrees. If the Seagate hard drive would be powered up the slider would start to damage the media and cause damages. It is almost like a grinder running over it scarping off data. At this stage the Data Recovery is not looking to good with the odds against this Seagate Momentus Thin hard drive.

Special data recovery tools and training is required to move the Seagate reading heads out from a Donor Hard drive and into the damaged hard drive. This is something that cannot be done by an untrained person such as your IT department or the local computer shop. Very similar to cowboy build we have data recovery cowboys as well. The gamble with your valuable business data, destroy it and than they admit they can’t do it and recommend a professional Data Recovery business such as us to recover data. We can help but are no miracle Data Recovery business. There are technical limits to what can be done at this stage.

New reading heads were fitted to this Seagate 250GB Momentus Thin drive and the media was cleaned. We left some steps out as we consider this Data Recovery business secrets and in house research and development. The big moment is coming shortly, does this Seagate hard drive spin up, gets into a ready stage and can we read from it. For the Seagate hard drive to boot up it needs to read the firmware to initialise that is saved on the outside of the media.

Seagate successful data recovery

We have initial success, the Seagate hard drive is booting up, no clicks this time and gets in a ready stage! We use for imaging damaged hard drives DDI4 from DeepSpar and PC3000 from ACE labs. Both are good Data Recovery tools but on this one we thing DDI4 will image this damaged drive much better. The right tool for the right Data Recovery job.

As you can see the MFT table is read by DDI4 and we can build a file list for the Data Recovery to target specific files and folders for the data recovery. The read speeds are fair until we hit bad sectors ( blocks ) on the magnetic surface. This is to be expected as we do have a lot of media damage and client damage to work with. The data recovery image time on this Seagate hard drive will take now 2 – 3 days, DDI4 imager will eat through each block as gentle as possible to get the maximum success for this Data Recovery job.

Do you have a damaged Seagate hard drive with important data on it? Do not let amateur cowboys work on it would be my best advise. We have many years of experience in complex data recovery cases and I’m sure I can help you with your Seagate data recovery as well. Contact me, Nico chief techie for a chat by phone, email or WhatsApp.

This Seagate hard drive recovery was 100% successful. Our Data Recovery works speaks for our self even in very complex Seagate Data Recovery cases.

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