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Samsung 1TB ST1000LM024 Data Recovery

The confidentiality and security of your recovered data is our highest priority.

Today we had a Samsung 1TB ST1000LM024 Data Recovery job where the hard drive was dropped and the reading heads got stuck to the magnetic surface. At this stage it can cause damage to the reading heads and could require a full head replacement as well or it might even has caused scratches. Let the data recovery begin picture by picture.

Let’s book the drive in and give it a case number. Numbers are good to make sure we dont mix up customer data and we can trace any work done. Case created, serial recorded and in old fashion the case number added for that extra bit of professional data recovery

Clean room work data recovery

Drive is ready to be opened in our class 10 clean room laminar flow cabinet . Ignore the right drive, this is just a donor from another data recovery

Laminar flow data recovery

Drive is to be opened and flow is generated to prevent any dust ending up on the drive. Don’t ever listen to youtube video telling you to open the drive. 95% you destroy your data for good.

Hard Drive head stuck on magnetic surface

Head got stuck on the magnetic surface and drive cant spin. No comes the magic we cant show how to get it unstuck. Hint, we use special custom unstuck tools

Better picture of the stuck heads

Ready to get released and to unstuck. Fingers crossed this one is not damaged

Head on ramp Data Recovery

Heads got unstuck and is being further investigated to check for any damage. We use green light to see if any debris is on the surface. This ones looks good and we might not need a donor drive. Next step firing up the drive and see if the data recovery worked.

One more last check before we power up this Samsung hard drive. Sliders under the heads look good enough, no damage to the heads. Let’s boot the drive and see if our Data Recovery was successful. Currently we have a Data Recovery success rate of about 78% from all jobs. Not every hard drive can be recovered. A 99% success rate is marketing not the realty.

Data Recovery in the cleanroom cabinet is done and now we move the drive to the imaging machine and check the firmware on it.

Data Recovery Samsung Hard Drive

Jackpot, Samsung hard drive spins up and Id’s with correct capacity in PC3000, the best imager there is. Quick backup of the hard drive firmware and adaptive data and ready to check if we can get data access again.

Samsung 1TB in PC3000 imager

Great, we got access to the user data and can image the drive. 95.5GB user data available for reading. To increase chances for a better data recovery we added a heads map for the data and noticed head number 3 is reading weak but good enough to get. the data off. With all digital data 0 is a value and this Samsung drive has 2 magnetic plates and 4 reading heads. Since the last head number 3 is weak I would suggest this was the direction the hard drive was dropped and took the most impact energy.

Data Recovery job done. We quoted £350 including VAT and got 100% of the customer data back. If you are in need of a Data Recovery and your data is valuable contact us to find out how our Data Recovery Techies can help you.

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