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Data Recovery Seagate – Lost all your Data on your Seagate Hard Drive?

Seagate broken external hard drive data recovery services. Are you in need of a Seagate hard drive Data recovery Service? We get your Data back!

Here are some of our Seagate hard drives we had in this week for data recovery services and explain a bit what we do in the field of professional data recovery. Our Seagate Hard Drives models for this week were:

Seagate ST2000DM001, Seagate ST2000LX001 ( SSD + HDD ), 1TB Laptop SSHD, Seagate ST1000LM035

If you lost all your data on a Seagate hard drive contact us today to inquire about our professional Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery Services. Common issue we fix and repair are clicking Seagate’s, no power Seagate, no spin or dead Seagate hard drives.

Seagate hard drives have all different sizes and types and from a Data Recovery point, we think they are notoriously bad hard drives in general.

They fail for no reason within months, especially the 1TB and 2 TB Seagate backup expansion hard drives.

Just a minor movement can already be absolutely catastrophic to recover any data from them also Seagate made absolutely sure that the firmware on those hard drives is encrypted just to make our life for Seagate data recovery much, much harder than it should be but this is where we are with Seagate products.

This week we had several different Seagate hard drives, the first one was from a Nas Server that failed, the customer went away over the weekend came back and NAS stopped working. Both Seagate drives fitted into the NAS were 2 terabyte Seagate barracudas the ST2000DM001 series and they are notoriously bad hard drives.

They were produced by Seagate from 2013 onwards and they had a very high failure rate, I think Seagate was taken to court and they had to publish numbers and failure rates of more than 35% of Seagate 2TB Barracuda hard drives were the norm and unfortunately whenever they fail they fail very hard and you are lucky if you get a couple files of those drives under good circumstances.

How do we know those 2TB Seagate hard drives failed?

Well, they will make clicking sounds most likely they will either make three or four clicks and spin down if it is really bad. This will indicate media damage on the Seagate drives itself if they click 3 – 4 times or 12 times and spin down. Also, hard to say 12 times clicking and spinning down a Seagate drive is most likely media damage too as well.

11 times clicking on a Seagate could be a firmware issue, especially on the 7200.11 series but if they keep spinning up and they keep running that would normally indicate there is a problem with the magnetic surface ( bad blocks ) on the Seagate drive itself or there is a problem with the firmware and that firmware tends to lock themselves altogether, corrupting itself.

Seagate is selling hard drives under different brand names they own like LaCie, Maxtor and old Samsung drives that are spinning are likely internally Seagate drives as well if they were produced after 2013.

Most likely they own a couple other brands where they just put the drives in there and since 2016 the Seagate 1TB and 2TB external hard drives are a nightmare. Very poorly designed holding together by a sticker and for errors on the magnetic surface is almost non-existent so even the slightest drop can cause scratches and rings to the magnetic surface of an external Seagate hard drive.

So, what Seagate’s did we get in this week for Data Recovery Services?

The first one was in our data recovery joy with Seagate were 2TB Seagate Barracudas that were fitted in a Synology NAS.

2 x 2TB Seagate hard drives, the beautiful ST2000DM001 series and both were completely dead.

Both drives made no spin or any noises whatsoever. So, we investigated the PCB fitted to the Seagate drives and both the fuses were damaged.

So what we did is we swapped the adaptive rom firmware over to working donor PCBs and both Seagate drives came back to life. Seagate drive number 2 came back to life right away and we were able to image the drive with minor errors.

Read speeds were slow in PC3000 at only 10mb/s which could indicate the head amplifier was damaged, but we got 140GB of business data off.

Unfortunately, the main Seagate drive itself drive number 1 had all the data on. This NAS with 2 drives was set up as JBOD not Raid 1. which means drive 1 was holding all the business data on there and that drive was just spinning up with three clicks and spinning but kept spinning. SSHD drives do that specifically a hybrid Seagate SSHD which is using a very small solid-state drive on the board itself and it has a lot of adaptive information saved on that Nand. In this case, it’s actually clicking but it doesn’t spin down so which made us believe that it might have been damaged firmware or corrupted and.

After one day of investigation, it was found that the NAND itself on the Seagate PCB is perfectly fine and the damage must be on the media itself.

We took it up to our cleanroom and opened up the Seagate hard drive and unfortunately on this one there are 2 ring scratches on the magnetic surface.

It is very close to the end of the media and normally if those Seagate Barracuda drives having rings on them that’s game over for data recovery regardless of what brand it is.

You never know until you replace the reading heads on them, so the imaged Seagate drive number 2 became a donor to the Seagate drive 1. Drive 1 came back to life for 30 seconds and then just destroyed the new reading heads from drive number one.

At this stage it’s game over so unfortunately, we only got data back from the 2nd Seagate 2TB Barracuda containing data back from 2016. Better than nothing, I guess.

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