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Data Storage consultant services and ransomware attack protection for businesses in Northern Ireland.

Let the most skilled data consultant Techies help your business to prevent expensive Data Recovery Services and business downtime due to server storage data failures or ransomware attacks and infections with our data storage consulting services.

Are you worried that your business might become crippled with data loss or downtime by a server, NAS, VM storage failure or ransomware attack?

My name is Nico Albrecht, I am the leading expert in Northern Ireland on Data Recovery, Data Forensics and Ransomware attacks based in Belfast. I offer businesses in Northern Ireland data storage consulting services bringing my vast knowledge from Data Recovery and Ransomware Data Recovery jobs we have done in the past to your business. I’m very specialist Data techies who love what I do and can help your business to prevent catastrophic failures in your IT storage data infrastructure that can be easily missed by your in-house or outsourced IT company. I offer professional End-to-end storage analysis, design, and support services that modernize, migrate, and protect your business data storage by replacing legacy systems with cohesive storage solutions that protect against storage failures and ransomware attacks. I’m still amazed daily by the data recovery jobs from hard drives and ransomware infected servers we get in from Northern Irish businesses which made me believe there is a problem with how most IT companies setting up businesses storage solutions and how many legacy servers and system are still in use. Please contact me by phone or email if you need advice and help with your business storage inquiries and ransomware protection.

Are you worried that your business might become crippled by a server, NAS failure or ransomware attack?
This can even happen to any business very easy and the cost to get your data back can be very high. Don’t be fooled that the cloud, which I consider somebody else’s computer is bulletproof. Based on my latest research and development into ransomware, the infections starting to spread into the cloud as well and backups. Ransomware is getting good at it infecting cloud storages and backup systems and almost ignore the device that brought the infection in. Infections and data drive failures from servers, virtual machines, NAS and hard drives seem to be not necessarily a money budget problem for businesses but more an awareness and process-related issue. Your in-house IT or 3rd party IT contractor might not be aware of it which could lead to downtime to your business.
I offer a Data consultant service for onsite inspections with my recommendations that are based on our research and development, not some salespeople selling you a server that might not be fit for purpose. I offer to inspect operating processes and information technology (IT) systems to ensure your business is operating at optimum levels with ideal processes and functionality to best meet threats and failures we see daily in my Data Forensic business.

Data storage consulting services we offer

  • Inspecting your current IT hardware you currently store your business data on with recommendations
  • Upgrading and cloning drives onsite for servers, CNC machines and any other exotic hardware you have that contains storage medias
  • Advice on hard drives and real world life expectancy’s
  • Providing tools for save cloning onsite of storage devices
  • Testing new hard drives for errors before server installation
  • Ransomware protection for businesses
  • Ransomware advice
  • Backup solutions
  • Advice on cloud storage and the dangers that can come with it
  • End of life data destruction
  • Business IT security
  • Internal IT disputes
  • Data theft
  • Malware
  • Storage consulting services
  • Legacy systems migration
  • Employee and staff training
  • developing work flows to prevent data corruption and
  • Testing you backups in a controlled environments
  • Total loss of data and restore testing and establishing a time line and processes to be done
  • Providing recommendations on your current setup
  • Developing disaster recovery pans and cost predictions for ransomware infections and server failure

The core of every IT business setup is the hardware I can advise further on what type of storage technology to buy and how long it is going to last, processes and software to make ransomware attacks more unlikely

Why me? Well, we get the failed or infected servers, NAS and hard drives every day, and I have a very good understanding of how to store data more secure by understanding what our Data Recovery clients did wrong in their setup in the first place or missed. You as a business owner get a second opinion on how your IT is performing against your current business setup with all my knowledge about data storage and failures in a nice easy to understand form and report. Clients describe me as being very passionate about my work and data and I will bring that passion to your business.

My best free advice I can offer is for defending against ransomware you really want enterprise-class AV, and effective web/email filtering. Use a defence-in-depth strategy by layering multiple vendors that use different databases and engines.

Patch your endpoints and applications religiously.

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