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Damaged Western Digital WD3200AAJS 320GB knocked over PC with Sage Data Recovery Services.

Lost all your Sage data on your Western Digital hard drive?

If anyone can fix this Sage data loss, it’s us

This week we had in a PC for Data Recovery that was running some custom apps and Sage 50 that was knocked over by accident and need professional Data Recovery. If you business Data is important don’t let your IT or local computer shop deal with such a problem. 99% of cases we get in they make it worst and adding more costs to a recovery. IT and Computer shops have nothing to do with Data Recovery as many lack the understanding how data is saved to a hard drive and how to recover data properly.

The worst IT are the ones with a Linux boot stick and torture a poor hard drive for hours with some software imaging tool in the hope they might get data off. This is very unprofessional and a high risk for total data loss. Not sure how Linux gets around physical damages or Firmware issues and bad surface areas. All it does it creating a longer read time out putting even more stress on your hard drive. In this case software tools wont work as both reading heads are badly damaged, head 0 is still reading at 1mb/s but head 1 is getting less than 1kb/s. In short head 1 is dead and Head 0 will fail shortly too. How do you know you deal with professional Data Recovery business that actually know what they’re doing with your faulty hard drive. Easy answer, ask them to name and show you the data recovery tools they use to work on your Data. For Data Recovery you need 3 things and all 3 of them are very expensive and it takes time to learn to work with them.

Which laminar flow cabinet do you use? Why this questions? Because to open a hard drive you need a controlled environment only a medical flow cabinet can provide.

Laminar Flow Cabinets used for Data Recovery cost between £3000 – £10000

Does the person why tries a Data Recovery have a laminar flow cabinet?

Do you have PC-3000 from ACE Labs. PC-3000 is the best Data Recovery tooling and software in the World allowing to deal with Firmware issues and drive imaging

PC-3000, the best solution for firmware issues and complex Raid Recoveries. Cost price £5000 – £20000 for hardware and software plus another £1000 / year for software updates and support

Does the person why tries a Data Recovery have PC-3000 from ACE labs with active support subscriptions?

Do you have DDI 4 from DeepSpar?

DDI 4 is the bar far the best hardware imager in the world for damaged drives with bad sectors

DDI 4 the best imager out there cost price £3000+ plus ongoing software updates of £500 year.

Does the person why tries a Data Recovery have DeepSpar DDI 4 with active support subscriptions?

Ask the person or shop who is going to work on your hard drive do you have a laminar flow cabinet, PC-3000 and DeepSpar DDI4 tools in your shop? The answer is most likely no and he will point out his £50 software he uses and some Linux CD. Linux is not the answer for Data Recovery. I would consider them like cowboy builders, they might get lucky but in 99% of cases they worked on they caused more damage and costs to client. We charge an extra £200 that is none refundable for drives that had previous work done by unqualified 3rd parties.

Let’s get started on this WD hard drive. Step one PC-3000 and run some tests on it. WD hard drive initiates fine and we have full access to the service area. A common issues on WD drives is the slow responding issue. PC-3000 supports a safe way to work with damage to the firmware. WD Slow responding fix was applied after testing heads and it seems on sector access we can read user data. Next step would be imaging the drive. During the data extraction a heads map will be applied to image data by head in case we encounter a weak reading head. In this case it seems after running some reading test that head 0 was slightly damaged and head 1 was reading with under 1kb/s.

Let’s try something else and load the drive into DDI 4 imager and see if we get the same results. Drive Id’s fine but upon reading head 1 is very weak or not responding at all. Head 0 is reading at 1mb/s or less. At this stage we image with head 0 only as much customer data as possible first and swap heads over after this process. It seems with head 0 working we can at least copy 60% of the required sage folder over. 4GB in size and it took about 6 hours to image that data as plenty of bad sectors were present. Bad sector occur either because the drive is wearing out over the years or a drop damaged the magnetic media surface and causes damage to it. Bad sectors are like pot holes on a road they will slow you down or freeze your computer. Again all that Linux can do is delay the time out in the hope the drive might respond but all in it wont. Time to change the reading heads on this WD hard drive.

A suitable donor was taking from our stock of 1000’s of hard drives and heads were replaced using our class 10 laminar floor clean room cabinet. All went well and on the first head swap we had the drive immediately id again. Also no damages where found under the microscope on the WD media surface. Looks promising. Replacing heads takes time to learn and we would only let somebody replace heads once they have swapped 50 hard drives for training without any errors. You watch a YouTube video from some bonkers guys trying some DIY head swap and 99% data is gone for good. Also the freezer trick will never work, how can a freezer fix a damaged reading head.

Did the WD Head Swap and Data Recovery work? Let’s find out.

Full access to user data is possible now and we can target the Sage Database folder for Data Recovery. Head 1 is reading fair now and we can DDI4 image the drive for all the customer data. All in a 6/10 difficult Data Recovery job. Would be 1/10 with home made solutions and DYI setup but in this case thanks to proper tooling, a clean room, WD donors in stock and years of experience the Sage data was recovered 100% at a cost of about £350 incl. VAT and 3 days turnaround time. If you need Data Recovery from a failed Western Digital Hard rive with important business data on it contact Nico our Chief Data Techie today by phone, email or WhatsApp.

If your business data is important don’t let amateurs, IT or local computer shops deal with your Data Recovery. Give it to Data Recovery Techies for Data Recovery. Cost might be higher but your business data should be worth it.

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